distant relations

the idea of having a baby inside the skull – in place of a brain – struck me as such a strong idea the very first time i heard it. i was astonished that i had never come across it before.

i grew up with comics, reading sci-fi and horror stories, absorbing the artworks of hr giger and clive barker..  yet this was still a completely original idea. i’ve spent some time search online looking for references to such a concept – either in art or as a medical anomaly.

to date, i have only found two images which have similarities…

the above piece is by an artist called bayard baudoin, and is for the album 10,000 days by the band Tool. this image was sourced from a post the artist made regarding this completed work [link]

the second piece is from a book of poetry entitled skinless soulless, by a writer called robert james keeping. i have yet to get my hands on a copy of the book, so i must admit to not knowing who the artist is yet. for the same reason, i don’t know the style or content of the poems in the book  either. should i find out more information i will update this post – but for the meantime let me simply point you to amazon where you can purchase the book [link]

both images share similar subject and context with the concept i am looking at, but i do feel the implication in these artworks are more of a baby-in-mind, or a foetus/new life being at the core of sentient thought. the metaphor is more important than anatomical perspective as neither image uses the brain placement in the skull cavity as a womb.

my search for similar themes shall continue…



One thought on “distant relations

  1. Baby Brain says:

    I know this isn’t visual art, but as I recall, Stephen King wrote a book about a character who was in the womb with his “twin,” whom he consumed, but parts of the twin remained within his brain and made him do crazy stuff if I remember correctly. It’s been a decade or two since I read it, I can’t even remember the title, but thought I’d mention it…

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