beneath the surface

earlier tonight, i watched a bbc four documentary which looked at the the Otago Medical School, New Zealand, which is one of the last schools in the world that enables their students to do ‘significant human dissection’. [more information here]

for me, the most fascinating moment came when the skull was opened up to expose the inner workings. the students cut through the meninges, then proceeded to explore deeper still…

on a similar theme of anatomical dissection,  i came across these photographs..

i should tell you that these are exhibits from
The “Luigi Cattaneo” Anatomical Wax Model Museum. [link]

personally, i find these to be these beautiful albeit-haunting images.

and, knowing they are sculpted creations does make them more palatable than if they were preserved parts of dissected cadavers. although in that very same breath, it makes the artistic skill behind them all the more impressive.

my desire to construct a bisected-head with anatomically accuracy has truly been invigorated!

EDIT: i have since found out the credit and copyright for these photographs belongs to a NY based photographer called joanna ebenstein.



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