raw materials

i went hunting for supplies a few days ago, and came home with latex, alginate, clay and plaster. i have clear wax and a few other bits and pieces on my shopping list, but i figured this little batch should get the project underway…

construction started with building a rough maquette of the sculpey baby i made, only scaled-up to the approximate size of a brain! [the pen should give an idea of scale.]

i decided to make the head separately, to allow the foetus to be posed better once they are moulded. however i felt that it turned out too baby-like [kind of too pudgy in the face, if that makes sense?]. so i made a second thinner head [below right] to be a closer  match to the underdeveloped stature of the body.

sadly this wont be a 360° sculpture. to keep the moulding process simple, it must have a flat side [indicated by the scored lines]. can i also point out that these clay sculpts are only intended as prototypes, hence they have very minimal detailing.

i have just poured plaster to create the moulds for the body and the smaller head. so over the next few days i will clean them up and make latex positives. i will let you know how it goes..



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