i spy

the plan for today was to cast an area of a face, however i didn’t have a suitable subject to experiment on, so i had to be my own model. and believe me, taking a cast of an area of your own face is not the easiest thing to do!

i began by mixing up some alginate – if you have ever had a cast made of your teeth at the dentist, this is the stuff they use! it’s a powder which you mix with equal parts water, but you have to work incredibly fast as the timescale between mixing and curing is under 3 minutes. it picks up a fantastic level of detail as you can see from the photo..

the cast shown above is made from plaster. i also used the mould to make a wax positive, below.

i’ve never worked with wax before, so this was something of a learning experience for me. you can see that the wax is inferior when it comes to picking out detail from the mould. however, it does have a lovely translucent quality which gives it a more delicate appearance than the plaster.

following these little tests, i feel better equipped to work with the materials on a bigger scale. so, now i need to find a brave soul who will lend me their head so that i can experiment on them!



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