morbid anatomy

while looking for reference material for this project, i have come across a rather fantastic blog called morbid anatomy [link]. it is authored by a new york based photographer called joanna ebenstein.

i recently posted some photos of wax sculptures which i understood to be from an italian waxwork museum. it turns out that the exhibits are certainly based there, but the specific photographs were from a larger collection by ebensten, called anatomical theatre. [link]

Anatomical Theatre is a photographic exhibition documenting artifacts collected by and exhibited in medical museums throughout Europe and the United States. The objects in these photos range from preserved human remains to models made from ivory, wax, and papier mâché.”

these artefacts very much embody both the aesthetic and scientific field i am hoping to emulate with the objects i am creating.

this is a fascinating body of work, so please take the time to have a look at the online gallery [link]



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