casting a panda’s face

sadly i didn’t get to cast an actual panda!  however, my volunteer for this batch of tests is an artist friend called alex trowell, although he is quite well known as alex panda! have a look at his artwork [link].

i made a small moulding on the back of his hand, to check he didn’t have a reaction to the alginate. i then cast this in plaster. as you can see, the level of details picked up is pretty impressive…

i then took a few moulds of alex’s face. i mixed the alginate with water at different temperatures to get an idea of how this affected the mixing and curing time. as with many materials, heat does increase the speed of this process.

because the available mixing/curing time was affected by heat, this also affected the consistency and application of the alginate before it became unworkable, leading to poor coverage or the occasional air bubble.

below are two casts taken from separate moulds

this is detail of one of the casts, after it has been cleaned up to remove air bubble defects

i have also got my hands on some silicone to make the face casts with [rather than plaster]. i’ve never used these specific materials before, but they should result in soft gel-like positive of the face. i will update as progress is made…


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