my last post made me realise that i’ve mainly been discussing my modelling endeavours on this blog, rather than saying much about my research for information or my sources of reference.

this photo shows the books i have on my desk right now..

online reading has had me dipping my toes into some other terribly interesting areas..

psychology uses a concept called the inner child, or divine child (as carl jung calls it), which i felt tied in with the brainchild imagery nicely – as an independent childlike aspect of a person’s psyche, or even a one of many sub-personalities that make up a consciousness.

science throws us a religious man from the 1600’s called nicolas steno [link], who made scientific discoveries regarding fossils and also the layering of strata – without which darwin’s theory of natural selection would not have been possible. darwin’s expression of emotion experiment also makes for an interesting diversion and further reading [link].

radio 4 also ran a series called the history of the world in 100 objects [link]. this is not so much a timeline of humanities technological advancement, but rather of objects which are often unremarkable. that is, until you know the personal history of the artefact itself. then they take on a new significance as a type of historical memorabilia.

chances are that very little of these sources will have any direct relevance to the project i finally produce, but i hope that this richness of exploration will be a good foundation to build upon.



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