other children of the brain

i have stated that i struggled to find anyone else using this brainchild concept. however, i felt convinced somebody else must have had this idea too, so i continued looking.

so please, have a look at these…

this painting is called “brain child” by the artist leo plaw [link].

i had thought that if i’d find this concept use anywhere, it would have been in the work of alex grey [link] – but i didn’t!  however, looking through leo’s substantial body of work, the anatomical themes and surreal nature of his paintings do indeed put me in mind of alex grey.

i can’t find a date on this painting, so i am unsure whether it pre-dates my own sketch. it does not appear in his facebook gallery, so may be relatively new [possibly within the last 3 months]. this should not be interpreted as me speculating who had the idea first, clearly there are elements in his paintings i can trace it’s probable lineage from. i am simply curious where this occurs on the timeline next to my own sketch.

i also found this…

again, entitled “brain child”, this assemblage is by an artist called catherine burris [link]. she has some interesting paintings, but i find these 3d constructions to be the most interesting pieces of her work.

as to the chronology of this piece, well… there is no doubt that catherine’s work pre-dates my sketch [completed on 29th april 2011], as this piece was part of an exhibition in 2009. sadly her website informs us that she died on 17th february 2011. so please take a moment to look over some of her work and enjoy her artistic legacy.



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