project planning

given the short timescale i have until deadline, i really cannot afford to waste time producing unnecessary material. so i feel it is best to map out this entire project in a reasonable level of detail.

this is my current project overview…

each white piece of paper represents a marker on the timeline. these all need fleshed out with details relating to the backstory.

the pink papers are placeholders for printed media [photographs, documents, newspaper articles, etc]. some are superfluous, and may be dropped if they lose relevance once the story is scripted further.

the green & blue papers relate to digital components or aspects of the exhibition, each of which constitutes a fair amount of work.

the face and skull are to remind me that this entire project revolves around the physical presence of one artefact   …which has not yet been constructed!

ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?



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