what’s the point?

over the last few months i have been contemplating this brainchild concept, which was based on a sketch i did for a friend last year…

this seemed to be a unique concept – i certainly found nothing quite like it online. so, i decided to use it as a theme for my major final year university project. this blog has been the record of this ongoing exploration.

i have detailed some of my methods which i would use to create a physical model of this concept. i’ve also listed various sources of research and inspiration. and most recently, i have explained a certain gripe i have when visiting museums and galleries.

but where is this all going?

my intention…

is to re-create the brainchild – that is to say that i will physically construct a head, which has had the cranium opened up to reveal a foetus residing within.

i will present the head as a real artefact which was used as carnival-esque sideshow attraction, but as if it were now displayed as a museum exhibit. accompanying the head will be documents and photographs which support it’s curious history.

additionally there will be a timeline which will help the view navigate the exhibit viewers the narrative. the timeline will be presented digitally.  i also intend to make available hi-res imagery of the various artefacts for those viewing the exhibit.

there are a few other things i would hope to include, but this is the core of the plan.. additional elements will serve to make for a fuller experience, but i suspect their inclusion will be dictated by available time. and given that i only have a few weeks to get this all done now, i’m gonna have more than a few sleepless nights.

wish me luck!



One thought on “what’s the point?

  1. Rach says:

    Good luck! I know you can do it, and it will be aaaaamazing! 🙂 x

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