under the skin

now that i have my ‘face’, i must build a head for it to live on…

using the cast i have of rach’s face as reference, i made a clay sculpt [above] of the foundations that would be found underneath the skin [skull, tissue, muscle]. i then took a plaster mould from this, followed by a latex positive.

i then inserted a webcam in the eye socket [of the latex version], and have fashioned a eyeball cover to hide it – leaving a hole where the pupil is… so the camera can see out! below is a photo of the eye looking at me, and the subsequent output.

my intention is to have the eye working as a motion sensor. this would mean when something disturbs the field of vision, i can trigger digital events.

in the context of my exhibit, i would like a welcome or introduction video to be triggered when people first approach the head.



One thought on “under the skin

  1. Alex Trowell says:

    Man, it’s all coming together nicely! Awesome! 🙂

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