even more brainbabies

in my previous post, i told you about trevor brown’s blog [link] which showed other brainchildren. a few people had commented on his post and suggested similar looking concepts. these are their links…

first up we have a headache inducing logo for the record label malaise music. described as ‘baby skull within a skull‘ [link]

suggestion is then made of catherine burris [link], who i have already highlighted in an earlier post. at that time i had voiced my surprise at not having found any work by alex grey which featured this concept – it seems i just hadn’t looked hard enough!

this piece is called interbeing [link]

alex grey seems to inspire and influence a great deal of the imagery used by the band, tool. and it was a piece of artwork for tool’s album 10,000 days which was the first thing i ever linked when looking for similarities. so i’m really not surprised to see their name come up again.

at 6.00 you will see a brainchild, and around 6.30, you will see imagery almost identical to the alex grey painting above.

alex grey’s interbeing dates back to 2002, but as more and more of these images rear their heads, i find it hard to believe that this will be the earliest version of the concept to be found…




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