roll up roll up

i’ve been working on some of the associated media that will go alongside the constructed head for the brainchild exhibit.

these are a couple of sketchbook pages for a carnival style poster…

which i worked into this design…

i refined the linework somewhat, adding a flower to balance the composition and maintain a feminine look. i also altered the baby a little, in an attempt to make it look less evil!

there are still issues – the eyes are a bit lopsided, the neck isn’t quite right, the earring doesn’t work, yadda yadda yadda… but overall i do quite like the piece.

inspirationally, i had hoped to use the art nouveau styling of alphonse mucha [link]. although in the end, this piece owes a lot more to an australian tattoo artist, known as shannon meow [link]. i have admired her artistic style for some time, and this is the first time i’ve ever tried to produce something in that vein. [it’s not a patch on her stuff, but definitely a style i would like to attempt again.]

anyway. i still need to fix the issues i mentioned, then i have to sort some suitable text to compliment it. and then see about getting it coloured and possibly printed!



2 thoughts on “roll up roll up

  1. Well it is a nice peice, altho her jaw line looks more that of a mans and takes away from her feministic aspect . .

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