babies on the brain

even though this project is nearing completion, i am still on the lookout for other children of the brain. these are my latest finds…

the painting by by Tommy Lee Wendtner is titled ‘Clown Fetus’ and it dates back to 2007. check out some of his other work here [link]

this next image is by a spanish cartoonist called Chumy Chumez, and was printed in his book ‘Una Biografia’ [1974].

however, i struggle to call this the earliest brainchild i have found, simply because it doesn’t match the concept i have been working with all that well. certainly, there is a foetus inside the gentleman’s head – but the shape of the head itself is distorted, and the foetus is not contained purely within the brain cavity. it’s close enough to merit inclusion in the blog – but not enough that i’ll call it a brainchild.

this last one is an image i have posted before – it is the illustrated cover from a book of poetry entitled skinless soulless, by robert james keeping [link]. although i dont know who the artist is..

however, it seems the internet has got its hands on the artwork, and made it into an animated gif. [go on, click it!]



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