the human marvels

one source of reference i must credit is the human marvels‘. [link]

whilst researching possible medical conditions to explain  the brainchild phenomena, i came across the human marvels website. it looks at ‘oddities and freaks of nature‘, primarily as they have been presented within the world of the touring carnival.

the  stories of parasitic and co-joined twins were certainly most relevant to my areas of interest. and while none exactly fitted what i was looking for, i found myself caught up reading about the lives of these folk with unusual physical conditions.

photo above len and ernie: two boys, one head [link]

many of the stories told on the website are touching accounts of  people who have led very challenging lives, often demonstrating themselves to be shining examples of humanity rather than the monstrosities they were sometimes portrayed as.

the site also has a lovely aesthetic too, harking back to the golden days of the travelling carnival. many of the stories are accompanied by period postcards and photos of the individuals themselves.

next time you feel like life has dealt you some bad cards, go checkout the human marvels. reading about the adversity these folk overcame may help put your own problems into perspective!



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