this post is a response to one i made yesterday regarding some of the traffic that is coming to this blog [link]. i expressed concern that i am getting an awful lot of referrals from the web search ‘teratoma’ which directs to a single post. my issue was that the post is based on factual information regarding a particular type of cyst, whereas most of the other posts to this blog discuss fictional information only loosely related to this theme.

as a result of my concerns, i decided to amend the original post.

i have now stated in plain terms that other information on this blog relates to a university project i am undertaking, and i recommend if readers have genuine medical concerns then this may not be the best place for them to be addressed. although, realising that i may now have a fresh audience on-hand, i do then try to entice people to look further! [link]

i now feel like i have set the record straight. i have accomplished this by spelling out what is real and what is not. i have openly discussed the situation, and in doing so have written this very disclaimer. and, i will also amend the page, labelled up as ‘The Curator’ [link] which will discuss who i am and what this blog is about.

having put this moral baggage to one side, i feel i can safely push the fictional narrative further – i will write future blog updates from the perspective of an individual who is putting on a real exhibition using the Rachel & Baby Rosie artefact as it’s central piece [which in a way, i am!]. this means that rather than discussing the how i create the media that will be on show, i will assume the pretence that things have been “restored for display purposes,” or have, “just arrived at my office.” 

i believe that adopting this role as a curator will aid the telling of this tale. creating a façade for this blog and web presence will amplify the many layers of fiction which i am building within the overall narravtive..

let us start at the core, the Rachel & Baby Rosie artefact itself:

the head is a fake, but i am presenting it as a sideshow exhibit.

the sideshow exhibit was a fake, as it was actually the remains of a girl who was murdered.

the murder, while only speculation, is backed up by documents that i now have in my possession.

the documents are fabricated, but my performance as a curator will lend them credibility.

but remember: there IS a head. there ARE physical documents. there WILL be an exhibition.

i am not asking anyone to believe in lies – i am simply hoping people will suspend their disbelief long enough so that i may weave my little narrative. after all, this is a very curious tale. it is unsavoury in parts, but i assure you, it is quite fascinating if you take the time to hear what i have to say…



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