ultrasound brainbaby

my search continues for evidence relating to this brainchild phenomena…

here we have another example of a medical-esque photo manipulation.

the artist is called morgan smail, the original can be found here [link]

no pretence is made by the artist to pass this off as a real x-ray, it is clearly a piece of concept art. indeed, the text in the image ‘idea pregnancy‘ succinctly suggests the birth of an idea: a brainchild.

the reason i call it a photo manipulation, is because it is a composite of two images – the head is an x-ray, and the foetus is an ultrasound scan. to pass for real, both the head and the foetus would have to be ‘imaged’ by the same technology.

i’ve previously posted two other medically referenced images [link].

and while i dont know the intent of these pieces, if they had intended to pass themselves off as real, they both fall down by making similar mistakes. allow me to repost them and explain what i mean..

the above image belongs to brainchild studio [link], it shows a bisected head. however, the foetus and it’s umbilical attachment are not bisected. additionally, the scale of the two objects are way off – even if that was a child’s head, a foetus in such an early stage of development would never be that large. these factors indicate that the image is a composite photo manipulation.

[photo credit  unknown]

this time the foetus is a feasible size within the skull. however the image of the child’s skull is taken by x-ray but the foetus is from a photograph. granted it has been manipulated quite well to look like part of the image, but this too is a composite of two images.

the reason i have been looking closer at these medically-influenced images is because i have just received the forensic examiner’s report which was carried out on rachel’s head. included in the report are not one, but TWO x-rays of the exhibit!

believe me, the report makes for fascinating reading and the x-rays are spectacular – but i am terribly frustrated to say, i have not yet received permission to make the contents public.

as soon as i do, you folk will be the first to know!



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