carnival poster

When i bought the Brainchild at auction back in 2010, i also managed to purchase an original poster that was used to promote the attraction back in the day.

However, a whole load of my gear got ruined due to water damage in floods last year  including this poster. It was pretty much destroyed but i held on to it anyway. I’m so pleased i did, because i have managed to get a reproduction made which uses the artwork from the original poster.

This is a copy of the proof  that has been sent to me..

It is a 3 colour design for screen print, the lightest of which would be the base colour of the paper or cloth. The second colour would be a midtone [used for shadowing in the image above]. And the third would be a keyline [a dark colour, usually black] which would have all the linework.

I am having a one printed up at it’s original size (50x80cm) which should be here in time for the exhibition!


ben’s brainchild

i found another brainchild!

this is by an artist called ben heine, who has a project entitled, ‘pencil vs. camera‘. in this, he replaces sections of a real image with a pencil sketch – which either replicates the scene or adds a new element.  [link]

this is what he has to say about the image below:

There is a baby in everyone of us. I actually wanted to draw the little child inside her head, but I finally decided to make it become the flower of an imaginary plant, still connected to the precious woman. Dedicated to Marta.

the original image is on ben’s flickr [link]


even more brainbabies

in my previous post, i told you about trevor brown’s blog [link] which showed other brainchildren. a few people had commented on his post and suggested similar looking concepts. these are their links…

first up we have a headache inducing logo for the record label malaise music. described as ‘baby skull within a skull‘ [link]

suggestion is then made of catherine burris [link], who i have already highlighted in an earlier post. at that time i had voiced my surprise at not having found any work by alex grey which featured this concept – it seems i just hadn’t looked hard enough!

this piece is called interbeing [link]

alex grey seems to inspire and influence a great deal of the imagery used by the band, tool. and it was a piece of artwork for tool’s album 10,000 days which was the first thing i ever linked when looking for similarities. so i’m really not surprised to see their name come up again.

at 6.00 you will see a brainchild, and around 6.30, you will see imagery almost identical to the alex grey painting above.

alex grey’s interbeing dates back to 2002, but as more and more of these images rear their heads, i find it hard to believe that this will be the earliest version of the concept to be found…



more brainbabies

i hadn’t been having much luck finding other artistic interpretations of the brainchild using search engines. however, it crossed my mind that i could upload my own drawing into the google image search …maybe it would bring up other similar images?

it didn’t bring up anything new, but it did show me a few weblinks of sites that were hosting a copy of my image which i didn’t know about. the most interesting of which was one particular post on the baby art blog, belonging to the artist trevor brown [link].

the post starts by discussing this image of his own…

although i’m not sure whether this is an original painting, or simply a montage of pre-existing material from a reference book. irrespective – the similarity of concept is striking, no?

as the post goes on, he explains that he looked for other similar uses of the concept himself and – amongst several others – he across my image. he even goes so far as to quote my blog, where i state that i haven’t been able to find this concept anywhere else.

however, what trevor brown fails to do is actually credit any of the artists whose work that he has reposted. i have a lot of respect for his work [link], indeed i have admired it for some years. but i must admit to being very disappointed by an established artist not bothering to credit or link where appropriate.

anyway, these are some of the images that were posted..

[above] i can’t find any information about this image – google image searches, only link to the blog post already mentioned. the americanised date [10 april 2011] does precede my own sketch.

[above] i cant find the original source for the x-ray image either. google image search certainly brings up the skull x-ray, but as to who added the foetus i have no clue!

brainchild concepts [above] is by an artist called dan monroe. the image itself is featured on the cover of his book, called, ‘brainchild’, which is available on lulu [link]

brainchild studio [above] appears to be for a some kind of creative studio – although the site, has little more than placeholder information on it, but nonetheless, here it is [link]

and lastly we have good ol’ marilyn manson with an autopsy video for the song  ‘god eat god‘. enjoy!


in progress…

a couple of images showing progress on the build…

here you can see the coming together of a lot of elements previously mentioned.. the silicon face, the latex ’tissue’ underneath. i replaced the cast latex teeth with ones made from polymer clay [sculpey] for a more realistic appearance. i also added a jawbone made from the same material for strength.

the webcam sits nicely in the eye socket. though without the eyeball covering, it gives off something of a terminator vibe!

for display, the face will be mounted on the front of a skull bowl [which can be seen behind], which is set atop a few sections of spine.

and inside this bowl of the skull [the brain cavity] sits the foetus…

there’s still quite a bit of construction to be done, but it is coming together quite nicely.

the main thing slowing me down is my lack of studio space. a dedicated workshop area with sufficient space and appropriate ventilation would have sped this up tenfold. however, i’m currently working from home where space is minimal and the weather dictates my ability to work in a ventilated area [the back yard!].

it’s too late in the day to find workshop space to finish this off now, but has really cemented my belief that i need to get a studio asap!


other children of the brain

i have stated that i struggled to find anyone else using this brainchild concept. however, i felt convinced somebody else must have had this idea too, so i continued looking.

so please, have a look at these…

this painting is called “brain child” by the artist leo plaw [link].

i had thought that if i’d find this concept use anywhere, it would have been in the work of alex grey [link] – but i didn’t!  however, looking through leo’s substantial body of work, the anatomical themes and surreal nature of his paintings do indeed put me in mind of alex grey.

i can’t find a date on this painting, so i am unsure whether it pre-dates my own sketch. it does not appear in his facebook gallery, so may be relatively new [possibly within the last 3 months]. this should not be interpreted as me speculating who had the idea first, clearly there are elements in his paintings i can trace it’s probable lineage from. i am simply curious where this occurs on the timeline next to my own sketch.

i also found this…

again, entitled “brain child”, this assemblage is by an artist called catherine burris [link]. she has some interesting paintings, but i find these 3d constructions to be the most interesting pieces of her work.

as to the chronology of this piece, well… there is no doubt that catherine’s work pre-dates my sketch [completed on 29th april 2011], as this piece was part of an exhibition in 2009. sadly her website informs us that she died on 17th february 2011. so please take a moment to look over some of her work and enjoy her artistic legacy.


the specimens of alex cf

another artist whose work inspires me is alex cf.

alex’s artistic endeavours took a backseat when he landed the job as curator for a rather unusual collection of zoological artefacts. alex is currently the sole custodian of the merrylin cryptid collection:

“In 2006, a trust was set up to analyze and collate a huge number of wooden crates found sealed in the basement of a London townhouse that was due to be demolished. Seemingly untouched since the 1940’s, the crates contained over 5000 specimens of flora and fauna, collected, dissected, and preserved by many forgotten scientists, professors and explorers of obscure cultures and species. The collection also housed many artifacts of curious origin, fragments of civilizations that once ruled the earth, of ideas and belief systems better left in the past.”

‘l’enfant diaboloque’ [above] is one of my favourite specimens from the collection that has been made public.

sadly some of the specimens and artefacts have been sold off to private collections over the years to fund the storage and restoration of larger collection. although before they have been shipped off, alex has photographed and documented these extensively.

the book ‘Many Dead Things; The specimens of Lord Merrylin’, is a photographic collection of these artefacts. i am pleased to report that i have a copy of the book ordered – can’t wait for it to arrive!

please take a look at alex’s blog [link] and investigate more of this curious collection for yourself.