“monsters don’t sleep under you bed – they live inside your head” 



under the skin

now that i have my ‘face’, i must build a head for it to live on…

using the cast i have of rach’s face as reference, i made a clay sculpt [above] of the foundations that would be found underneath the skin [skull, tissue, muscle]. i then took a plaster mould from this, followed by a latex positive.

i then inserted a webcam in the eye socket [of the latex version], and have fashioned a eyeball cover to hide it – leaving a hole where the pupil is… so the camera can see out! below is a photo of the eye looking at me, and the subsequent output.

my intention is to have the eye working as a motion sensor. this would mean when something disturbs the field of vision, i can trigger digital events.

in the context of my exhibit, i would like a welcome or introduction video to be triggered when people first approach the head.


a cavernous cavity

more progress on the skull..

i re-sized/shaped the head, then began building up the facial structure a touch on the nose and brow. also added an eye socket to one side of the head as you can see from the photo below. the eyeball i have in there is able to rotate freely within the socket [which is quite cool!].

last night i ordered a couple of webcams. my hope is that i can dismantle one of them and re-house it within an eyeball – so this thing could be watching you as you look at it!

the next stage was to carve a chunk out of the cranium, to create a quarter-spherical opening. i then constructed the elliptical brain cavity inside the skull. i hadn’t realised how much room there is inside one of these things!

as you can see from the next photo, my estimations of the required foetus size were way off the mark… you could fit triplets in there! i could pad out the space with the ol’ grey matter, but i think the only reasonable course of action is to make a bigger baby.