the display

I must apologise, as I have been rather remiss in updating this blog. There isn’t that much to say, but for the sake of closure it should be done (even if it is 18months late!)

Sadly, the exhibition never did occur – but I did manage to get a photo when I had most of the materials together as a trial run..


As you can see the brainchild artefact makes up the centre piece, and is surrounded by various media. This method of transmedia storytelling allows us to weave the [fictitious] tale of The Brainchild from a variety of perspectives. Layered up and pieced together they reveal a much more elaborate truth lying behind the façade of a sideshow attraction.

The printed media included old photographs, medical documents and x-rays, a carnival poster, and close-up photographs of the exhibit itself.  The laptop displayed a digital timeline which showed the chronological history of item. There were also two large screens present, showing us the story from the perspective from the showman and his victim respectively.

Screenshot of the digital timeline:


First video:

Second video:



in progress…

a couple of images showing progress on the build…

here you can see the coming together of a lot of elements previously mentioned.. the silicon face, the latex ’tissue’ underneath. i replaced the cast latex teeth with ones made from polymer clay [sculpey] for a more realistic appearance. i also added a jawbone made from the same material for strength.

the webcam sits nicely in the eye socket. though without the eyeball covering, it gives off something of a terminator vibe!

for display, the face will be mounted on the front of a skull bowl [which can be seen behind], which is set atop a few sections of spine.

and inside this bowl of the skull [the brain cavity] sits the foetus…

there’s still quite a bit of construction to be done, but it is coming together quite nicely.

the main thing slowing me down is my lack of studio space. a dedicated workshop area with sufficient space and appropriate ventilation would have sped this up tenfold. however, i’m currently working from home where space is minimal and the weather dictates my ability to work in a ventilated area [the back yard!].

it’s too late in the day to find workshop space to finish this off now, but has really cemented my belief that i need to get a studio asap!


dead skin mask

the brainchild concept was inspired by a friend.

her name is rachel brockley and she has recently started her own blog here on wordpress too: adventures on the brightside. it follows her exploits during the year as dictated by her new diary! [link]

anyway. because this was rach’s idea – her brainchild, if you will – i felt it only appropriate that i used her head as the centrepiece for this project. it’s as if the idea has come full circle, and now her own head will house the physical brainchild.

it turned out that the only time we were both free was also the day her diary instructed ‘pamper yourself‘. she has recorded the entire process and posted it on her blog. so rather than me relaying the entire thing again, you can read it from rach’s perspective [link]

this photo shows the comparison with real-life rach and her spare face! the material it is quite gel-like and fleshy to the touch, but is slightly chalky here as it has just been released from the mould. once cleaned up and coloured the cast is even more creepy that in the photo!