When the Brainchild goes on display, it will be accompanied by various printed media – documents, x-rays and photographs. These items provide a deeper history of the artefact than it is possible to know purely by viewing the head itself.

The photos also provide close up views of the artefact, which may otherwise be difficult to see when physically in it’s presence. All of these documents will have QR codes on the frames enabling digital download while at the exhibition

This is a shot of all the framed materials i have for display..

Also on show will be the Brainchild artefact itself, as well as two short videos, plus a digital timeline. Again, using all these other mediums allows me to flesh out the history of the artefact, as somebody viewing the exhibition can play detective – making connections and piecing together fragments of the story themselves.



exhibition photography

In preparation for the upcoming Brainchild exhibition, i have had a photo set done of the centre piece…

The photographer is a friend of mine, Rachel Brockley [who i have mentioned on this blog before]. As you can see these images are just fantastic.

I will be displaying these and some detail shots alongside the main attraction at the exhibition.

The Brainchild exhibition will only be on for a couple of day, but hopefully these images will whet your appetite sufficiently enought to come and see it in real life.

I will post a few more shots in the next few days