a beautiful baby girl

It isn’t obvious from some of the photos,  but Rosie can actually be removed from the skull cavity that she sits in…

She is still physically linked to Rachel by her umbilical cord – which is connected to the spinal cord as it enters the base of the skull. But it does mean she can be removed and positioned close by…




a cavernous cavity

more progress on the skull..

i re-sized/shaped the head, then began building up the facial structure a touch on the nose and brow. also added an eye socket to one side of the head as you can see from the photo below. the eyeball i have in there is able to rotate freely within the socket [which is quite cool!].

last night i ordered a couple of webcams. my hope is that i can dismantle one of them and re-house it within an eyeball – so this thing could be watching you as you look at it!

the next stage was to carve a chunk out of the cranium, to create a quarter-spherical opening. i then constructed the elliptical brain cavity inside the skull. i hadn’t realised how much room there is inside one of these things!

as you can see from the next photo, my estimations of the required foetus size were way off the mark… you could fit triplets in there! i could pad out the space with the ol’ grey matter, but i think the only reasonable course of action is to make a bigger baby.



updates today are to show you a little more model construction…

i have made a foetus skull to match the scale of the foetus model i built last week. while i was researching foetal skeletons [which is not the easiest thing to do], i realised that their skulls don’t have any teeth.  it’s obviously really, but i’d simply never thought about it before.

the model has slight articulation of the jaw, and the inside the skull has detailing of the nasal cavity. it is made from sculpey, by building a section, baking it, adding more, baking it, etc – until i got to this stage. it’s not the most streamlined process, but i find sculpey to be too soft to build and entire model out of, in one sitting. for future sculpey projects i will probably build over an armature.

ultimately it’s unlikely that i’ll even use this piece because the brainchild should not a fleshless skeleton. however, it is helping me get the scale correct, and it is  really quite a nice lil’ maquette!

i have also begun work on a full-size skull. i used a latex skull mask i’d made a few years ago as the basis for the model, building up a rough out of mod roc [which is a plaster coated material]. it is a little on the large side and the socket ridges are far too pronounced, but i will rectify that as spend more time on it.

photo below:
the new plaster build is on the left, my latex mask is to the right.