The Curator

people know me by the name chris zombieking.
i’m an artist, and i draw a lot of things – not just zombies!

you can follow my work here: brainzzz or GTFO!

however, this blog will be reserved for a single theme:

the brainchild…

as i enter the final year of my degree, i am using this subject matter as a vehicle to investigate a few ideas. i suspect theology, medicine, and artistic craftsmanship will all come into focus as i explore it in further depth. no doubt the ideas of identity, personality, and user profiles will make appearances too as technology continues to overwhelm our physical place in this digital world.

should any of my posts strike a chord, or relate to your own thoughts or ideas, then i would love to hear what you have to say.


[28 nov 2011]



2 thoughts on “The Curator

  1. Alex Grey says:

    Hi Chris,

    My earliest version of the skull/fetus was in 1979 and is published in Net of Being, my recent book. This is a great theme, Death and Rebirth. Well done and thanks for the deep investigation.

    Alex Grey

    • Alex, thanks for taking the time to comment!

      I had your 2002 painting, Interbeing, flagged up as the earliest version of this ‘foetus-inside-a-skull’ idea – though obviously your B&W drawing from ’79 predates that somewhat! I do love the theme, and find it fascinating to know that you yourself revisit such specific concepts over time.

      Thank you so much for the kind words – your artwork/artistic vision are a genuine inspiration to me and so many of my close friends.

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