Crowdsourced Information

Our researchers are dilligent fellows, but even they are limited by time, resources and location. To compound matters, information relating to exhibits is often stored within private collections, forgotten public depositories, or even in your own attic. Inevitably, there will  be some gaps in our knowledge….

So, we reach out to you, the public, and ask if you feel you have information that may be linked to this exhibit – please, get in touch!

There is a significant gap in our timeline – some 81 years where we cannot definitively place this curious artefact. It is quite a sight to behold – somebody must have a story about it. Maybe it was on a dusty shelf in the back of you high school biology storeroom? Maybe it was in your grandma’s china cabinet?

There are other artefacts we have been unable to trace – such as Adam Blackwell’s diary, which disappeared from his hospital room when he died.

Or maybe you know the whereabouts of another exhibit from the Blackwell’s Brothers Carnival. Look at it again, are you sure it’s only made out of papier-mâché?

Sadly we cannot offer financial remuneration for such information, but if you provide a lead which we subsequently include in this or a future exhibition, we will ensure that you are credited. Surely such prestige is more valuable than hard cash!

Leave a comment below, or contact me by email – chrisfairrie[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

If you would like to donate funds to assist in research, and the preservation of this and future collections, your contribution would be gratefully received. I shall be setting up a Paypal account for this purpose in time for the exhibition on the 22nd May in Liverpool.



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