more brainbabies

i hadn’t been having much luck finding other artistic interpretations of the brainchild using search engines. however, it crossed my mind that i could upload my own drawing into the google image search …maybe it would bring up other similar images?

it didn’t bring up anything new, but it did show me a few weblinks of sites that were hosting a copy of my image which i didn’t know about. the most interesting of which was one particular post on the baby art blog, belonging to the artist trevor brown [link].

the post starts by discussing this image of his own…

although i’m not sure whether this is an original painting, or simply a montage of pre-existing material from a reference book. irrespective – the similarity of concept is striking, no?

as the post goes on, he explains that he looked for other similar uses of the concept himself and – amongst several others – he across my image. he even goes so far as to quote my blog, where i state that i haven’t been able to find this concept anywhere else.

however, what trevor brown fails to do is actually credit any of the artists whose work that he has reposted. i have a lot of respect for his work [link], indeed i have admired it for some years. but i must admit to being very disappointed by an established artist not bothering to credit or link where appropriate.

anyway, these are some of the images that were posted..

[above] i can’t find any information about this image – google image searches, only link to the blog post already mentioned. the americanised date [10 april 2011] does precede my own sketch.

[above] i cant find the original source for the x-ray image either. google image search certainly brings up the skull x-ray, but as to who added the foetus i have no clue!

brainchild concepts [above] is by an artist called dan monroe. the image itself is featured on the cover of his book, called, ‘brainchild’, which is available on lulu [link]

brainchild studio [above] appears to be for a some kind of creative studio – although the site, has little more than placeholder information on it, but nonetheless, here it is [link]

and lastly we have good ol’ marilyn manson with an autopsy video for the song  ‘god eat god‘. enjoy!



2 thoughts on “more brainbabies

  1. dragonbrush says:

    I am the artist Dan Monroe. My Brainchild image is the one which is fourth from the top, the “Brainchild Concepts” image. I first came up with my image in the late 1980’s as an original concept. This is an image I have drawn and painted many times in my artistic career. It is my idea of the birth of thought and how it can be fostered into an idea and eventually a work of art. The mere fact of the existence of other works of art with the Brainchild motif tends to lend credence to the mere idea of it. I feel that mine was the original, however, artistically I would guess we would all feel that way about our own art.

    • hi dan, cheers for commenting on this! is really interesting to hear some of your thoughts on it. and yup, that would certainly date yours as the earliest version of the concept i’ve come across.
      this is the link to all the other variations i’ve found:

      i don’t really think that artists are copying you, but having their own revelation regarding the concept (the word-play alone suggests that people would naturally think of it!).
      indeed, the initial drawing which inspired this project was not my own idea, but rather something i drew for a friend who had explained the imagery. she worked as an tissue retrieval specialist (which involves surgical procedures on dead bodies) and had imagined for some time that she may find a displaced growing within the brain cavity!

      if you have any other sketches/pictures of the idea i’d love to reblog them on here, and link back to you. or if know of any more versions by others i’d love to see them!

      cheers, chris

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